What our customers say!

"As a Catalog/Internet retailer, we need to accommodate huge seasonal changes in order volume.  Our Warehouse 101 system, installed by Supplier Systems Corporation, allows us the flexibility to adjust to peak increases with near perfect order accuracy and minimal training for our seasonal staff.

The productivity reports we developed, using data from Warehouse 101, allow us to maximize every dollar for our pick and pack employee payroll.  Warehouse 101 has helped us achieve almost a 40% increase in order packing productivity and will pay for itself in no time.

Warehouse 101 also allows us to seamlessly pass order data to our Pitney Bowes ship stations which arbitrage between carriers, allowing us to realize huge savings in parcel delivery costs.   The improved productivity and savings in our outbound shipping have had a significant positive effect on our bottom line."

Thank you Supplier Systems!


Tom Johnson
General Manager
Legendary Whitetails


“We are proud to be one of Internet Retailer Magazine's Top 500 Internet Retailers. We chose a Turnkey solution built by Supplier Systems that allows us to receive product, locate that product anywhere in our building and pick, pack and ship to our Customers with virtually 100% accuracy and on-time delivery..”


David Murack
Information Systems Manager
Action Village


“Coming from the PB Ascent environment ...SendSuite Shipping and Automated Order Filling has greatly improved our efficiency at the ship point ... Great investment!”


Dir. Ops
The Hilsinger Co. - Eyewear



“... a cost effective and simple method for us to pick, pack, verify, label and ship our products. ”


V.P. OPs and Finanace
Lewmar Marine



“Order filling used to run me... now I run it. ”


Fulfillment Center Manager
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois



“856Express has allowed a significant reduction in order cycle time...I have never worked with equipment and systems that are as reliable and error free. SSC has provided excellent service for a mission critical application at the Limited ”


David M. Malenfant
Director Logistics Services
Limited Logistics Services


“They have the breadth and depth of products, they employ best practices to support each and every customer, and their expertise in the field is second to none.”


Scott Koopmans
Director of Strategic Marketing
Pitney Bowes Distribution Solutions



"The benefits that Supplier Systems Corporation have brought to our company are immeasurable.”


Diane Hyams
Senior Director
Inventory and Direct Ship
Accel Inc.





“One of the key advantages of the Warehouse 101 solution is that it provides end-to-end support."


Brian Doarn
Operations Manager
Valley Consumer Products.