Packline Plus

Supplier Systems Corporation's Packline sets a new standard for affordable automated order filling, labelling, and shipping. Our engineers have produced an industrial strength solution, priced well below what you would expect to pay. Packline includes everything you need to automate order filling, labelling, and shipping, including conveyor line, bar code label printer/applicator, dedicated computer, and field tested application software to make it all work together problem free.

Packline will allow you to significantly reduce the amount of labor and time required to fill and ship customer orders, while eliminating common order filling errors. Packline produces shipping labels which meet your customers' exact standards, and automatically captures order filling information. This information can be used for billing, inventory control, and shipment notification to your customers.


  • Easy integration - Connects to your in-house systems via your LAN, Dial-up, or Direct Connection
  • Simple operation - Operator training completed in less than a half hour. Operator scans once per pick ticket, and the rest is automatic.
  • Prints all popular bar codes - System supports case code labelling, SCC-14, SSCC-18, and all common bar code symbologies.
  • Apply labels consistently and accurately even in the harshest production environment - Supports labels as large as 4" wide and maintains placement specs within 1/4".
  • Improved order filling, management, and reporting - Supplies detailed reports showing order filling by customer, purchase order, case and item.
  • Improved customer satisfaction - Virtually eliminates order filling errors and customer charge-backs.
  • Calculates weight and carton / pallet counts for manifesting - Assures that the order is complete and ready for shipment.
  • Complete back-up system - Your information is safe from power and computer failure.
  • Designed to grow with you - Expands from 1 order filling line to multiple order filling lines easily and affordably.
  • Full phone and remote diagnostic support - You have support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Packline Video"


Complete Packline Plus system as shown starting at $ 84,995.

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