Internet Retailers

SSC solutions are used by Internet Retailers to minimize problems and maximize profits.

Getting today’s orders out today, error free and delivered to the Customer on-time can mean the difference between success and failure. With our proven technology, productivity gains of 30-40% and a 9-12 month payback on investment are within reach. Interfaced with UPS, FedEx or other shipping software, warehouse workers can accurately and quickly pack, label and ship orders with easy to use, wireless, bar code scanning technology, making seasonal peaks in order volume easy to accommodate. SSC Order Filling and Shipping Solutions could give you the winning edge.


Retail Compliance/EDI

SSC solutions support all major retailers' UCC128 Compliance Labeling requirements.

Proper retail compliance and the ability to avoid charge-backs is dependent on the supplier performing the required warehouse data collection and carton bar code labeling functions 100% correctly, 100% of the time. Warehouse 101 gives the supplier the ability to meet those stringent requirements, with very little change to warehouse procedures.

Supplier Systems Corporation Supported Retailers include:*


Third Party Logistics (3PL)

SSC solutions work well in a 3PL environment.

Supplier Systems Corporation’s Warehouse 102 solution gives fillers and fulfillment houses the ability to receive, locate and pick and ship owned and consigned inventory. Inventory status can also be shared with third parties for their stock status and inventory on hand. The 3PL can also transparently ship in the name of their partner to retailers and/or end users.