Third Party Logistics (3PL)

SSC solutions work well in a 3PL environment.

Supplier Systems Corporation’s Warehouse 102 solution gives fillers and fulfillment houses the ability to receive, locate and pick and ship owned and consigned inventory. Inventory status can also be shared with third parties for their stock status and inventory on hand. The 3PL can also transparently ship in the name of their partner to retailers and/or end users.

Multiple Ship From Kits.

Designed For: Warehouse 101-102 users operating as two or more companies in a single location or operating as a Third Party Logistics Company (3PL) filling Orders on behalf of your Customers in a single location:

Purchase a Ship From Kit to add to Warehouse 101-102 for each “company” shipping out of your facility. Include a Ship From in a Customer Order sent to Warehouse 101-102 and that Ship From will be used in all Labels and Reports.